There is hope. For you.

Dave Schaaf

Your Real Life Relationship Coach

Feeling Disconnected?

All couples get disconnected. It’s not fun. It might lead to more disconnection for some, but that doesn’t have to be your story. I am a relationship coach for couples. I use a process to help couples reconnect that works the way our brains work. Most couples can get back to the good feelings they want.

Online and In-Person; For Individuals or Couples – Help is available.

Why wait to see if your relationship will improve on its own. You don’t expect the funny noise your car is making to fix itself. Relationships are tricky but personal coaching can help you learn evidence-based skills and practices to take your relationship to a whole new level.

questions you might have

Will it help?

Couples who get the most benefit from coaching with me want to be on the same team, want to find a way to quit blaming and start enjoying each other again, and are open to learning new skills.

What will we get from coaching with you?

Relationships can be confusing and frustrating. I’m going to join you as a relationship consultant to help you see what’s really going on.

Change is a process I understand. I’m going to coach you to try new things at a pace that works for you and results in relationship wins!

I’m going to join you as a trainer in evidence-based skills for your relationship.

I’m going to facilitate the communication, understanding, and support you need between you to make teamwork more enjoyable.

What's special about Real Life Relationship Coaching?

My focus is you and the way this works in your real life (including the parts you don’t want to share on social media).

I have a masters degree in counseling and certification as a Board Certified Coach with ICF. I have experience with 100s of couples and my own decades-long marriage to learn from.

I am purposefully affordable. I know I could charge more but I don’t want money to be a barrier between you and the relationship you want.

My coaching is based on what we’ve learned about our brains and emotions; using evidence-based tools to rebuild trust and find meaningful connection.

I meet with the two of you together and also with each of you individually because that works.

You will…

Learn to use your brain to support rather than sabotage your relationships.

Work with a Coach who understands how/why people change.

Practice simple skills and measure your progress toward more skillful and meaningful connection.

Coaching or counseling? What’s the difference?

They are different practices.

Coaching is best for people who are ready to learn new tools, skills, and practices.

People who are stuck in relationship patterns because of past trauma, addictions, or mental health issues might need therapy.

Think of counseling (or therapy) like going to a doctor when you are sick or unable to function because of a past injury; with a goal of healing. Think ofย  coaching as increasing your relationship skill level; with a goal of greater success, enjoyment, and accomplishment.

I have a different question.

Do you feel distant and defensive more than you want to?


Are you tired of walking on eggshells?


Do you want to feel closer and safer?

Simple, meaningful connections could be just ahead for you.